Back by popular demand – I will be posting a couple posts here off of my former House of Healing Tears blog that I deleted.  Apparently, some people (at least one) enjoyed reading it and have filed a formal complaint.  So. . . to keep the rioting to a minimum I will re-post a couple things from that site here just for fun.

With October nearly upon us, we are preparing for yet another Andersen Family Prank Month.  I thought this article should serve as a good reminder of just how crazy we can be so no one is surprised when we take it up a notch next month.  Our nanny, Faith (yes folks, she’s practically a saint) is still with us despite last year’s antics – that’s 7 long years as part of this nutty family!  Man, we love her!  Not just anyone can endure with us like that!  We hope to go easy on her this year.  We have a new victim to set our sites on with Cousin Colton in the house.  He’s off to Ranger School mid-month so we figure we best send him off memorably!

Oh yeah – if you have great prank suggestions – put them in the comments – we’ll report back if we try any of them!

(repost of a House of Healing Tears post from March 2014)

einstein_thumb3One of the things I like best about our family is our ability to get down and get crazy. C.R.A.Z.Y. I mean totally nutz. That’s how it is some days. We can be caught doing the dumbest things. But, that’s part of what makes us who we are. Some people have smarts or looks or mad athleticism we have to ability to act crazy. Fortunately, we usually contain most of it at home so we stay out of jail and are still welcome at most public venues in our small community, our neighbors can tell some stories though. Like the time we had a no-guests-allowed game of Ditch with our kids in the backyard one Friday night at 11pm. . . . Ditch is a game we just called hide-and-seek-in-the-dark back in my day. I guess it needed a shorter name. Anyway, we were hosting a Ditch event the next night and planned to let our kids participate but wanted to make sure our Littles knew how to play so we felt the need to have a practice run. So, we let our kids stay up until it was FINALLY dark and that wasn’t until after 10pm and we started playing . . . . and it was really fun so we did a couple rounds. The Littles got pretty good. We set out to play one final round before calling it a night. I was It, I did the counting and such and set out to finding people before they got to base. After some intense chasing everyone was found except #4. I looked high and low and in every secret spot I could think of. How good could a 6 year old really be at hiding anyway? Eventually everyone was running through the yard in the pitch dark calling for him and there wasn’t a sound or a sign of him. None of his siblings could entice him out either. I even left base completely unguarded and was starting to get nervous. It had been over 45 minutes! My husband was bursting with pride, he was sure his little man was hunkering down hiding just like he had taught him to do for hunting – I was thinking it might be time to call in the search and rescue squad! So, I started thinking of how hunters might hide and searching every pine tree and leaf pile. As I’m running hunched over through the leaves I trip and stumble over something heavy and soft and thudded onto my knees, I started brushing leaves aside trying to see if it was him. He remained still as a statue as I brushed the leaves and he was really creeping me out when he finally whispered “good spot huh, Mom!?” I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to smack him or hug him! When the adrenaline stopped coursing through my veins at about 2a.m. I finally got some sleep. Some people go sky diving or drive race cars or rock climb for a rush, I lose a kid and then find him again. Come to think of it, he’s the same kid we had a hard time keeping a hold of when he was two-or-so at church. We’d always find him fellowshipping with some friendly group of people that he seemed to know but we didn’t. Maybe he’s going to be a private-eye or secret agent or something, he certainly knows how to lose us!

We do lots of things just because someone gets a whim to do something nutty. One boring Saturday night not too long before Christmas, we decided to play tag in the mall. It was a blast. You might be surprised to know that Casey and #2 were the ultimate champions. They took the grand prize when they talked a vendor into allowing them to hide under her table – the rest of us called it cheating but allowed the victory on the grounds of originality. We’ve since decided that our game could be improved by playing it in morph suits . . . maybe next Christmas.

Not all of our playfulness is so premeditated. We’ve been known to break out in fits of dancing sometimes with or without music occasionally in public. We’ve had snowball fights . . . . in the car. Food fights are a fairly regular occurrence as are water fights . . .sometimes those happen in the car too. Cleaning day usually means a dance party is going to be required. We play board games and make up our own rules. We play Mr. Freeze at the dinner table. Sometimes on birthdays or special occasions we develop a theme along with new names that everyone is called for the day. One birthday had a Hawaiian theme. That was the year I learned you can get some great looks when you call your daughter Coconut at the Super Walmart. “Hey Coconut! Grab and extra-large toilet paper from isle three, would-ya!” When you start getting noticed at Walmart, you know you’ve crossed a line.

Yes, we like to keep up on the crazy around here. October is prank month at our house. A whole month of people playing pranks on one another. Last year the grand finale was the roaches I planted in the bathroom. It was truly priceless when the kids came screaming into my bedroom claiming to have picture proof of nasty bugs in their bathroom to realize there was one on their sleeping mom’s forehead! Bwahahahahah! Oh the shrieks were hilarious! We had to top it this year, so we set up one prank after another for the weekend we were gone to foster parent conference. We set up some very friendly fake guys made out of Casey’s stuffed clothes around in the house, one of our Littles is still a little leary around Casey’s jeans anytime they’re just laying around now! Our nanny is almost finished with the trauma-therapy the whole ordeal necessitated. That’s memory-making stuff for sure!

The funny thing is, it really seems to be true that by acting crazy together sometimes, bringing in hearty laughter and odd looks also brings on healing and closeness. I see kids really settle-in and open up through some of our weird and hilarious antics. You get them going and there’s no stopping it. Then the ideas just come – dart gun wars, sneak-attack, make-your-own face paint and surprise the kids at snack time, vacuuming in your wedding dress, serve chocolate cake for breakfast – it really catches those kids off guard and keeps things exciting.

Just tonight at the supper table I had to say some of the most ridiculous things during the 17 simultaneous conversations that were going on –dontForgetToPlay_thumb3
“Please stop being a walrus.”
“No, I don’t know if unicorns are considered extinct. I’m pretty sure their imaginary and I’m not sure if imaginary things can become extinct.”
“Um yes . . . you, over there, please stop being a goffer”
“No. watermellephants are imaginary too, not extinct.”
“No soup is not against the law in China.”
“You’re feet are both the same size I think.”
“Yes I can give you another nose blowing lesson, let’s go to the bathroom.”
“Why are we talking about feet over supper anyway?”
“I swear, soy sauce is NOT spicy.”
“Yes, she’s allowed to look at you like that!”

Seriously, it’s a real hoot around here some days and as long as I keep my sense of humor too, things go swimmingly. My cup of crazy overflows.
If you come around, we’ll probably get some on ya!

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2014JuneVacationDay1 004

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At the Science Museum in the cities, Max insisted on making faces and having his picture taken – “I’m a funny guy, right Mom!?”  Yep!

MNTrip2 054MNTrip2 052

MNTrip2 053MNTrip2 051

James Hill Mansion – cool early 1900’s mansion.

MNTripDay1 094MNTripDay1 102MNTripDay1 109MNTripDay1 117MNTripDay1 128MNTripDay1 025

Um . . . WOW!

MNTripDay1 073MNTripDay1 075MNTripDay1 080MNTripDay1 084

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No idea what type of bizarre, creative inspiration brought on these pictures but they’re pretty funny!  I think it was some sort of mock-campaign to discourage operating a motor vehicle under the influence.  Silly girls!

A good friend of the girls was over one afternoon and they decided to take some fun pictures.  Turns out Miss S has some mad shooting skills and got some great shots!  (I haven’t gotten permission to post pictures of their friend yet so that’s why you don’t see her here)

SaraNGirlsPics 367

Now these faces, yeah, I get to see these faces all the time.  Annoyed and irritated – thanks for making it real girls!  I don’t want anyone thinking you’re always fun and loving to each other!  Luckily, there’s more good than bad.  Smile

SaraNGirlsPics 380

One is serious, one is um . . . . “special” . . . .

SaraNGirlsPics 393

Kenzy is CRAZY about piggy back rides apparently . . . . for the moment.

SaraNGirlsPics 330

Let’s hide!  No one will see us . . . . in the woods . . . . behind this HUGE . . . . COLORFUL umbrella.  Great plan.  SOOOOO realistic.  I think you might need just a little more spy school!

SaraNGirlsPics 160

These two pictures just might be part of that mystery novel she’s writing.  Kaela the PI . . .  caught in a tree?!  HA!  Yep, still needs more spy school!

SaraNGirlsPics 217